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Black and White Portrait of a Male

Anthony P.

Gao helped me get out of my own way and now I am moving forward with a positive outlook on a life worth living. Thank you for being patient with me and opening me up. You showed me how I need to work on myself and I will continue to do so. I am confident that I will be able to move forward with less stress and anxiety, and a new sense of purpose.


Lyra D.

There’s so many great things to explain about Gao as a person, but I just wanted to say that Gao is an inspirational person,  motivational person, and willing to sit, listen and give great advice to other people always and of course always down to earth!

Chrissy G.

Gao helped me through a tough time in my life. She helped me focus on my self, be more aware of my feelings and reach goals that I set for my self, which overall made me feel good about my self. If you need someone to give you that push to be a better version of your self, I highly recommend Gao! 


Crisha L.

Gao is someone who always shows up. She goes above and beyond for people she truly cares about . We love her for that. I am thankful and blessed that she is one person I can count on to show up for me as well. 

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